Milenco Wraith 2: A Closer Look

Milenco Wraith 2 Wheelclamp

Recently updated to its 2nd version, the Wraith is the top-of-the-line wheel lock from renowned caravan & motorhome security specialists Milenco. Though this shouldn’t be considered a review of the Milenco Wraith 2 (we’d rightly be accused of being biased), it will give you a closer look at this premium wheelclamp.

Milenco Wraith 2 – at first glance

When you first pick up the Wraith in its included carry case you notice its weight. Heavy doesn’t necessarily mean strong, but the Wraiths mass of 5.85kg (a tad under 13lb in old money) combined with Milencos stellar reputation suggests it will provide excellent security, deterring all but the most determined caravan thieves. Opening the case the first thing to note is that the Wraith has changed to a leg design which wraps around the wheel, whilst keeping the direct-to-wheel connection of the first Wraith and the Milenco Ace.

Milenco Wraith 2 Wheelclamp Leg

In the box you find the two main components, the lock and the claw (both finished in Milencos signature yellow), a special replacement wheel bolt (to replace one of your existing ones) which allows the aforementioned direct-to-wheel connection, and a set of 3 keys. The keys are numbered so you can get replacements but both Milenco nor ourselves keep a record, so make a note of it somewhere safe.

Milenco Wraith 2 Accreditations

The Wraith 2 is rated Gold by Sold Secure, the U.K security product testing agency, proving it resisted an attack by caravan and trailer security experts for over 5 minutes. Not only does this drastically reduce the prospect of your caravan accommodating others on a free holiday, but it will also reduce your caravan insurance premium. Sold Secure Gold is two and a half times tougher than the insurance standard Thatcham Category 3. Using a Milenco Wraith 2 shows you’re taking the security of your caravan seriously.

Sold Secure Gold

The Lock

Teardrop in shape, the lock was easy to attach to the wheel bolt and the locking mechanism operates smoothly. The back of the lock has a smooth textured foam on its face which significantly reduces the chance of damaging a wheel during use. The slot which locks the leg in place offers a wide range of travel, so it should fit all caravan wheels.

The Leg

Like the lock, the leg features smooth foam on its contact faces, as well as rubber feet so it won’t mark or damage concrete, tarmac or block paving. The welds are smooth, signifying little to no porosity, a sign of strength.


A wheelclamps primary function is to intimidate would-be thieves from stealing your caravan which the Wraith excels at. Sitting in the premium wheelclamp price range some may see it as too expensive, particularly when Milenco sells other Sold Secure Gold wheelclamps for less, but the Wraith isn’t for ticking boxes, it’s for people who want the most secure wheelclamp for their caravan.  

At this price point, aesthetics have to be a consideration. The bright yellow might be too much for some, despite its obvious deterrent attributes, who would be better suited to Al-Ko‘s range of wheelclamps, available in discrete black.

Original price was: £139.99.Current price is: £119.99.

  • High security, fits in seconds
  • 5 year guarantee
  • 3 keys & carry case

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