Bradcot Awnings

One of the U.K’s leading awning manufacturers, Bradcot have forged a well-earned reputation for outstanding quality awnings dating back to 1963. The Bradcot awning range includes traditional pole awnings; with steel, fibreglass and easy-alloy options; annexes and the increasingly popular air awning option.

The use of high-quality materials, such as Ten-Cate fabric, allows Bradcot to offer a 3-year warranty on their awnings when used as a touring awning (i.e not permanently set-up for a season) and a 10-year anti-fade guarantee for the side-walls on most of their acrylic models.


The versatile Bradcot Modul-AiR V2 air awning could be the last awning you ever buy.  A completely modular system, the Modul-AiR can be expanded or reduced in size by simply adding or removing sections.  Porch awning for a weekend?  Full awning for a summer holiday?  Upgrading to a larger caravan or downsizing?  The Modul-AiR can [...]


  • Designed to be pitched all season
  • Heat reflective roof
  • 28mm steel frame & tie-down kit as standard


  • Premium full awning
  • Heat reflective roof
  • 3-year guarantee


  • Entry-level awning
  • Removable front & side panels
  • 1 year guarantee


  • Bradcot annexe in tall or standard size
  • Suitable for Residencia 50, Classic 50 and Modul-Air awnings


  • Air Annexe for Bradcot Modul-Air awnings


Tall annexe suitable for Bradcot Aspire awnings

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