Wall vent kits for all Freedom models available in white, silver or black.  There are 2 wall vents on every Freedom Caravan model, the wall vent kits consist of: Exterior Vent Seal Inner Interior Vent Outer Interior Vent 2 x Replacement Plastic Nuts


Standard fitment on the door of every Freedom model, the fridge and door vent is 4 piece vent comprising of: Outer Vent Seal Mesh Inner Vent In addition to the door fitment, if your Freedom has a fridge fitted then you will require a further 2 vent kits. These vent kits are available in standard [...]


The rail end caps fit over the window rails on all Freedom Caravan models, made from plastic, they are easy to fit using 1 screw.  They are supplied as a pair, in either white, grey or black and there are 2 different sizes available, a smaller one for Freedom Jetstream and Sunseeker models & larger [...]


Exterior door retainer/catch for all Freedom Caravan models, available in white, grey or black.  Doesn’t include fitting screws.


This is an Awning Rail End Cap to suit Freedom Jetstream and Sunseeker models from 2004 to Current.  They are available in white, grey or black colour and there are 2 per caravan. These items are sided so be sure to select the correct one (from looking at the rear of the caravan).


Avondale Rail End Cap


Avondale End Clip (2)


Circular Push In Vent 80mm  


W4 Push in Vent, Pair (40mm)

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