Milenco Wraith 2: A Closer Look

Milenco Wraith 2 Wheelclamp

Recently updated to its 2nd version, the Wraith is the top-of-the-line wheel lock from renowned caravan & motorhome security specialists Milenco. Though this shouldn’t be considered a review of the Milenco Wraith 2 (we’d rightly be accused of being biased), it will give you a closer look at this premium wheelclamp. Milenco Wraith 2 – […]

Why you need a Smart Battery Charger!

Milenco Optimate 10

It’s time for that caravanning holiday you have been looking forward to, or maybe you want to get an old car out on the road again. The only thing stopping you is a battery that is completely out of juice. It’s frustrating, and it can wreck your plans. Being proactive with the battery on a […]

Safely towing your caravan Part 1: Wheels & Tyres

Caravan Towing Safety

Towing a caravan can be a stressful experience for anyone, but with the right checks and preparation, it can be a breeze. Here we’ll share some of our top tips and products to use for a safe towing experience. Tyres Tyres are amongst the most important components fitted to your caravan (or any other type […]

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