Why you need a Smart Battery Charger!

Milenco Optimate 10

It’s time for that caravanning holiday you have been looking forward to, or maybe you want to get an old car out on the road again. The only thing stopping you is a battery that is completely out of juice. It’s frustrating, and it can wreck your plans. Being proactive with the battery on a vehicle that isn’t used as much is important, and a smart battery charger might just be the answer.

What is a Smart Battery Charger?

Smart chargers are a great way to juice up your caravan, car, motorbike or motorhome in a safe and controlled manner. When you haven’t used it for a while, it is only natural that the charge will be reduced or even completely drained. In addition to being fantastic at charging the battery completely, they are also perfectly suited to maintenance charging.

Due to their design, a smart charger is able to detect the amount of charge that your battery requires as well as the appropriate power levels. This means that once it hits full battery, it will automatically switch to trickle charge. This means that there is no risk to your battery in terms of overcharging or overall damage.


Which Vehicles Can a Smart Car Charger be Used with?

A smart charger can be used with any vehicle, regardless of whether they are used frequently or hardly ever. This includes:

  • Caravans
  • Motorhomes
  • Classic cars
  • Motorcycles

Classic Car Smart Battery Charger

Why do you need one?

If your battery doesn’t get a regular charge, whether the be from your cars alternator or a mains feed, then the sulphuric acid inside causes hard sulphates (a salt like residue) to build up on the negative plates inside.  This leads to a longer battery recharge time and reduces battery performance.  Even AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries can be affected by this.

Leaving a normal charger connected

Conventional chargers typically charge at preset levels, leaving one of these connected permanently will cause grid corrosion and, in extreme circumstances, cause the battery to overheat which can lead to the acid seeping out.

Are Smart Chargers Safe?

The great thing is that smart battery chargers are completely safe to use. They are designed in such a way that they won’t overcharge your battery, and the risk of them overheating it is exceptionally low (practically non-existent).

The fact that they are able to adjust the amount of power they are using automatically doesn’t just make it safe for your vehicle, it also means that the charger is safe for you to handle at all times. They are surprisingly lightweight as well, making it easier on your back and arms.

What are the Benefits of a Smart Battery Charger?

There are several great benefits to having a smart charger. One of which is the fact that they charge faster than a standard model. It optimises the charging time so that your battery gets the most out of it, but also to ensure you aren’t waiting for a lifetime.

It saves electricity. Even though it is using the maximum safe amount, the speedy time and optimised charging makes it better for your electricity bill – which also means it is kinder to the planet and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

It’s safer for you and your vehicle because it uses smart controls to monitor the electricity being used and the level of power that is flowing through the charger. The safety measures mentioned previously in this piece protect both you and your vehicle from harm. That’s a massive winner.


A smart charger can be a game-changer. They are practical, safe to use, and incredibly versatile. It’s the kind of thing that’s worth having in your garage when you have additional vehicles that only get used occasionally and need the juice. They are cost-effective, and also gentle on your battery so that you don’t risk overcharging or permanent damage. The perfect choice to get you back on the road.

Our range of Milenco Optimate smart battery chargers feature 2 connection options, the usual crocodile clips or a permanent eyelet fitting with a waterproof housing.


230V Input 12V Output Output Voltage 13.8V Output Current 20amps


  • Smart Battery Charger/Conditioner
  • Keeps Your Battery In Top Condition


  • 6 Step Smart Battery Charger/Conditioner
  • Keeps Your Battery In Top Condition
  • Recovers Dead Batteries

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